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【Winter Sport】JAPAN Para-Ski Federation Press Conference to Report on the 2016-17 Season Vol.2

Continued from the previous articleJAPAN Para-Ski Federation Press Conference to Report on the 2016-17 Season Vol.1

Para-snowboarding: Narita aims for stable technique

Narita is anticipated to secure a medal when he makes his Paralympic debut

● Gurimu Narita “ I succeeded in three wins in the World Cup and third place in the World Championships. It was my first time competing on an international level, and I am surprised and pleased with the results. My results are far from stable, so next year I’d like to become an athlete who can stably secure results. I approach them all with a full swing at the moment, so I’d like to work on developing my ability to adapt to different bowls—namely, by going to different ski areas and learning how to tackle the different conditions.”

●Kenichi Niboshi, head coach “We started our activities last year. We began by sending athletes that we discovered at domestic tournaments to contests abroad, to help the athletes get used to tournaments overseas. Their starts are excellent, and we won three of six World Cup events. I think the athletes really improved with each competition, as we can see from the fact that they placed in over ten of their events. Last year we had hardly any on-snow residential training, and were focusing on the contest tour, but this year we would like to carry out proper on-snow training in summer, engage in training for basic physical fitness, and develop their technique to ensure that we can expect even more stable results than the season. We’re a new team, but we hope you’ll give us your support.”

text&photos by Asuka Senaga
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